Mixed voice titles by Sheena Phillips


To purchase unpublished music please email me (sheenaphillips at gmail.com). For most scores there is a modest fee per singer for permission to copy from a licensed PDF file.



Circle of Life

SATB chorus a cappella

Five Native American song poems

1. Falling 2. Waking 3. Singing 4. Leaving 5. Rising

Published by Boosey & Hawkes, 2015

2013 Sorel Medallion Prize in Choral Composition

First performance by Voices of Ascension, New York City, dir. Dennis Keene

First European performance by Cathures, Glasgow, dir. Katy Lavinia Cooper


Darkness Into Light

SSATB a cappella

Secular piece for the turn of the year or the winter solstice

Composed 2017

perusal score



SATB, piano

Suite based on three poems about boyhood by Federico García Lorca

Composed 2012

1. Agua ¿Donde Vas? (Water, Where are you Going?)

2. Canción Tonta (Silly Song)

3. De Casa En Casa (From House to House)

perusal score

Treble voice version (SA, piano) published by Boosey & Hawkes, 2015


The Pied Piper of Hamelin

SATB adult choir, children’s choir, flute doubling as piccolo, piano, string bass, percussion, narrator

Musical setting in five movements of Robert Browning’s unsettling tale of rats, enchantment, broken promises and disappearing children

Duration c. 18 minutes

perusal score

audio realisation (extract) from movement 3 (The End of the Rats)

Composed 2016


River Song

Mixed voices (six parts)

Aleatoric soundscape based on the American song Shenandoah

Workshopped by CoMA at Trinity Laban Conservatoire in 2017

perusal score

recording of a read-through at the 2017 ABCD Convention

Also available for female voices


Songs of Sorrow

SATB a cappella

Lament for Aleppo

Composed for the Portugese choir Voz Nua

Workshopped by the BBC Singers, 2 October 2017

perusal score


Wind Song

Equal or mixed voices (five parts), narrator, flute obbligato

Soundscape based on a poem by John Clare

Composed for the 2016 CoMA Summer School

Two performances by CoMA Singers in 2017

perusal score

Youtube recording of the first performance




Amo Ergo Sum (I Love Therefore I Am)

unison mixed or equal voices

Words by Kathleen Raine

First performed by Canty of Scotland, 2006


Baglan Brenn (Wooden Staff)

SATB cello

Based on a medieval Welsh poem (in translation)

First performed by Rudsambee company of singers, 1999


Cauld Blaws the Wind


Words by Robert Burns

Published by Canasg Music


Chinese Crane Song

SATB chorus, treble chorus, keyboard, flute, violin

Setting of a poem by Edwina Towson

This version prepared for Saffron Walden Choral Society, England (dir. Janet Wheeler) for a 2007 program entitled Wingbeats in collaboration with local schools and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds


Day is Düne


Words by William Soutar (Scots poet)

Published by Canasg Music

Recorded on Rudsambee company of singers' CD Bottled at source


Dream Songs

SATB and SA treble voice chorus 

Based on three 'dream songs' of the native American Wintu people

Commissioned and first performed by the Lancaster Chorale and Lancaster-Fairfield Youth Choir, Ohio, May 2009


Flor Enversa (The inverse flower)


Words by Thierry Corniglion (Nicois poet)

Commissioned by Paroplapi, France, 2003


The Flowers of the Forest: an elegy on Flodden Field


Based on a 16th century elegy by James Foullis and on the Scottish folk song The Flowers of the Forest

Commissioned by the Dunedin Consort, Scotland, with funding from the Scottish Arts Council, and first performed at the Whithorn Festival, September 2004. Other performances (2013 and 2014) by Sang Scule, dir. James Hutchinson.


Great is Life

SATB divisi a cappella 

Based on 'Great are the myths' by Walt Whitman (from Leaves of Grass)

Premiered by Chicago A Cappella in their 2006 program 'The American Dream'

perusal score  recording of the premiere


Holy Thursday


Words by William Blake

Published by Canasg Music

Recording extract (Rudsambee Company of Singers)


In Beauty May I Walk

SATB recorder cello

Navajo poem (in English translation)


In a Garden so Green

SATB a cappella

16th century Scottish court song


A Kiss


Words by Ben Jonson

Recorded on Rudsambee company of singers' CD citrus and honey


Mignonne, Allons Voir Si La Rose


Words by Pierre Ronsard



flexible equal or mixed voices, in 6 parts, with staging suggestions 

Lyrics by Nigel Phillips (b. 1934)

A unison semichorus is backed by ethereal waxing and waning chords 

perusal score 

audio realisation 


Music for a While

SATB, percussion, including optional marimba 

Lyrics by John Dryden, Swahili tradition, Percy Bysse Shelley, and the composer

Commissioned by VOICES Chorale of New Jersey, dir. Lyn Ransom, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the chorus, 2013

Premiered by VOICES Chorale and the Princeton Area Homeschool Choir, dir. Lyn Ransom, Princeton, May 2013

perusal score 


My True Love Hath My Heart


Words by Sir Philip Sidney

Written for the wedding of Tom and Elanor Wexler, 2003

Published by Canasg Music




Words by William Soutar

Published by Canasg Music

recording extract (The Magpie Consort, Ohio)


Song of praise

SATB a cappella 

Wordless song of praise

Composed for Voz Nua of Portugal

perusal score


Songs of Love and Longing


Five settings of Emily Dickinson

1. The moon

2. It's like the light

3. Winter afternoons

4. I went to heaven

5. Wild nights

Published by Canasg Music


A Space Trilogy

SATB piano

Three poems by Judith Nicholls

1. Andromeda

2. The moon

3. Ballad 


The Sweet o' the Year


Words by William Shakespeare

Published by Canasg Music

recording extract (Rudsambee Company of Singers)

Recorded on the Rudsambee album citrus and honey


Wedding Song


Words by Peter Hill

(alternate title Take my Hand)

Published by Canasg Music

Recorded by Rudsambee Company of Singers on the album citrus and honey


Winter Fields

SATB divisi

Words by James Russell Lowell, Aghaji (trans. Dick Davis) and Alison Tollick

Commissioned by Cappella Nova for Christmas 2003


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